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Engraved Gifts for Bridesmaids
Personalized Maid of Honor Pendant
Unique Engraved Flower Girl Gifts
Great Engraved Gifts for Ring Bearers
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Personalized & Engraved Gifts for Best Man
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Save on Engraving and Shipping

Logo Engraving Center

What gifts can my logo be engraved on?

How do I submit my logo?

What size should the image be?

What image format is required?

Can I buy a sample before I order in quantity?

How much does it cost?

How are the logo's engraved?

We can engrave your company logo, fraternity crest, or organization's logo on most of the gifts we offer.

Not every logo will functionally work with every gift. The first step is to submit your logo for consideration. Our staff will evaluate the image file to determine whether it can be converted to an engravable image format.

You can submit a logo for consideration by emailing it as an attachment to: Please see "What image format is required" for additional details.

The most important aspect of the submitted logo is the quality of the image. Images with clean, sharp, high contrast lines are ideal. In general, larger image sizes convert easier and better than do smaller ones. Bit mapped images (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) submitted should be 700 or greater pixels wide. (Note: You may need to "Zip" or compress large format images, in order to get them through your email system.) Vector files can be submitted in nearly any size.

If you've done any print advertising, then you most likely have access to a quality image, which would be suitable for engraving. The ideal image format is a "one bit" vector image (.eps, .ai, .cdr). If a "camera ready", black and white image is not available, please submit the best image you have. Best meaning, the largest and cleanest. Smooth lines make for cleaner engraving. Images may be submitted in .ai, .psd, .cdr, .eps, .bmp, .jpg, or .gif format, again we're looking for the best image you have.

We strongly recommend you order an engraved sample gift, so you'll be able to fully appreciate how the finished product will look.

We NOT charge a logo conversion fee for for images submitted in vector format. Bit mapped images need to be converted to vectors. For most images we charge $35 to do the conversion. The conversion fee is a one-time fee. After the initial conversion we'll keep your converted logo on file for future orders.
For each logo engraving job we charge a Setup/Preparation fee of $8.  This charge is applied to each order up to 250 pieces.  And it is waived for orders over 250 pieces of the same item.

Basic logo engraving $3
Basic logo engraving, means the logo will be engraved in "Outline" fashion.

Filled Logos  Quoted Per Job
Filled means that the engraving will have some shading within the logo (approximately 25 to 100 lines per inch, depending on logo).

Complex Logos  Quoted Per Job
Complex or very detailed logos require more engraving time and may cost additionally.

We do all engraving using traditional "Diamond Drag" engraving. As the name implies, Diamond Drag produces an image by precisely dragging a diamond tipped stylus across the gift. This time tested method, is the method used by leading engraved gifts stores, and produces a truly beautiful engraving.


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The features Personalized and Engraved Gifts For Every Occasion

A personalized gift is a thoughtful gift.  It allows you to create a custom gift just for its recipient.  An engraved gift is the ultimate in sophistication.  Diamond engraving makes a permenant, elegant impression in metal, to create a keepsakes which often become heirlooms. Personalized gifts and engraved gifts are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, create loving memories, and for you to show your friends and loved ones how much they mean to you.  The's engravers and artist have been crafting unique personalized gifts for over two decades.  Our youngest engraver has engraved over 100,000 gifts, each uniquely layed out and exclusively personalized for the recipient.

Remember your Wedding or Anniversary by creating a personalized wedding gift for your groom or personalized anniversary gift for your husband, customized with your special sentiment to commemorate the loving occasion.  Our web site features hundreds of engraved gift ideas for every occasion. Our New Baby gifts and coin piggy banks, Christening and first communion keepsake boxes are an ideal way to cherish the event for years to come. Engraved graduation gifts quickly become cherished keepsakes that remind the graduate of special days. Personalized Valentine Days gifts create a permenant keepsake of our early, and not so early, loves. In fact engraved gifts are always the perfect personalized way to express your love and graditute, whether it's Fathers Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Christmas gifts and Christmas Ornaments, or retirement gifts, personalized gifts make the occasion remembered.

The also features unique gifts for "just because","thinking of you", and romantic occasions occasions. Our jewelry boxes are the perfect way to pop the big question. Etched mugs and glasses make great house warming an wedding gifts. Engraved picture frames and persoanlized photo albums provide a timeless way to store precious photographs of special occasions.

Personalized and Engraved Gifts are the only gifts with built-in memories and sentiment. Personalize your special gift today.
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